Accelerate Your Health Day 3

Day 3 Accelerate Your Health Challenge Day 2

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Welcome to Day 3!  I hope you are feeling better, and following the recommendations, that can have a significant impact on your health and well-being.

Yesterday Iared with you the importance of removing physical toxins.  It is equally important to detoxify emotionally.  Emotional toxicity and its impact on our health and well-being often remain ignored and unaddressed.  Most people don’t realize that experiencing chronic emotional toxicity not only contributes to the decline of our mental health, it also deteriorates our physical health.

What exactly is an emotional toxin? Negative emotions, anxiety, anger, fear, deep sadness, become physiologically toxic if you are experiencing them on a regular basis- because they trigger ongoing, unhealthy, biochemical changes.

Whatever you feel is REAL to your cells, even if you know it isn’t really true.  Every thought, feeling and emotion you experience triggers the release of matching chemicals that affect all of your cells. It’s normal to have emotional ups and downs, that’s part of being human.  However, it’s your ongoing emotional state that affects your health.

Our emotions are really our guides. They’re letting us know where we stand and what’s going on internally.  Now I don’t want this news to disturb you, it should make you feel empowered.

An important question I learned to ask my patients is, “What’s making you sick?” They all knew. Over 95% identified an extremely difficult, stressful emotional situation, usually involving a family member as the cause. Even though they knew the cause, they didn’t know what to do about it.  It’s not our jobs, our families, the news or events that’s making us sick.  It’s how we respond to them.  We always have a choice.

The rest identified chronic stress as the problem, and didn’t understand how it was now causing the disease, since it had been going on for so long.  I reminded them that it takes years of cigarette smoking, to cause cancer, and it doesn’t happen after smoking one pack.  I tell my patients, in response to regular survival mode functioning your body, whispers, speaks, speaks louder, yells, screams, then presents us with the gift of a dis-ease, because we did not pay attention.  Yes, it can be a disease-an opportunity to change your life.

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