Accelerate Your Health Day 5

Day 5 Accelerate Your Health Challenge

Day 5 Add Positive Emotional Nutrients

Listen NOW…

Did you know that your emotions are more important than the food you eat and your exercise program?

While you can reduce your exposure to physical toxins in your diet, water, and other sources-that is a good thing.  You can’t eat or exercise your way to radiant, good health.  Yes, they can help to improve your health. But if you focus on your body, and ignore your emotional well-being, you remain at great risk of developing one or more chronic diseases.

Has your doctor discussed the role your emotions play? Probably not.   In medical school we were taught that emotions have absolutely nothing to do with physical health. Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s another myth.

Our ancestors around the globe, including Egypt, China, Greece, recognized the connection between, stress, emotions, attitudes, physical health and long term well-being.

When it comes to developing heart disease and cancer, there’s a contributor that’s 6 times more likely to cause their development, in comparison to smoking, cholesterol, or blood pressure, and much more responsive to intervention.  It’s unmanaged emotional stress. Let me repeat—6 times more predictive and more responsive.  And it is much more responsive to treatment.

According to a government report and the American Stress Institute-it’s also the cause of 90-95% of all doctor’s office visits.

Haven’t you seen people do all of the right things and still get sick? They exercised, ate the right food, and you wondered what happened to them? They ignored their emotional stress and it wreaked havoc on their health.  Then they went to their doctors to get treatment for their symptoms.

One of the greatest clues was given to me years ago when a teenage granddaughter of one of my patients told me, “Grandma only gets sick when she’s upset.”  How profoundly accurate and astute.

What exactly is an emotional toxin? Negative emotions, anxiety, anger, fear, deep sadness, become physiologically toxic if you are experiencing them on a regular basis- because they trigger ongoing, unhealthy, biochemical changes.

Whatever you feel is REAL to your cells, even if you know it isn’t really true.  Every thought, feeling and emotion you experience triggers the release of matching chemicals that affect all of your cells. It’s normal to have emotional ups and downs, that’s part of being human.  However, it’s your ongoing emotional state that affects your health.

Our emotions are really our guides. They’re letting us know where we stand and what’s going on internally.  Now I don’t want this news to disturb you, it should make you feel empowered.

An important question I learned to ask my patients is, “What’s making you sick?” They all knew. Over 95% identified an extremely difficult, stressful emotional situation, usually involving a family member as the cause. Even though they knew the cause, they didn’t know what to do about it.  It’s not our jobs, our families, the news or events that’s making us sick.  It’s how we respond to them.  We always have a choice

The rest identified chronic stress as the problem, and didn’t understand how it was now causing the disease, since it had been going on for so long.  I reminded them that it takes years of cigarette smoking, to cause cancer, and it doesn’t happen after smoking one pack.  I tell my patients, in response to regular survival mode functioning your body, whispers, speaks, speaks louder, yells, screams, then presents us with the gift of a dis-ease, because we did not pay attention.  Yes, it can be a disease-an opportunity to change your life.

You see, research has proven that negativity and pessimism can shorten your life by seven years. I’m not kidding. Your thoughts are just that powerful.

Dr. William Osler, a founder of modern medicine said almost 100 years ago, “It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has disease that what sort of disease a patient has.”

A study found that men who complain of high anxiety are up to six times more likely than calmer men to suffer sudden death.  While a twenty year study involving over 1700 men conducted at the Harvard School of Public health found that worry about social conditions, health and personal finances all significantly increased the risk of heart disease.

Focus Your Thoughts on Your  Health and FEELING Better:

Focusing on your health, on getting well as often as possible is very important.  Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence your body’s ability to heal and regenerate.

I like affirmations, so here’s one that I want to share with you to help you:
I am healthy!

I intend to accelerate my health

I intend to improve my health 

I am healthy!

I am SuperHealing now!

I have the ability to superheal my body, mind and spirit!

My body was created to experience vibrant health and well-being!

I can heal faster!

I am SuperHealing now!

I intend to get discharged from the hospital faster.

I am healthy, happy, and whole.

My health is improving more and more, and I am getting well faster than I can imagine.

My body is strong and remarkable. It is healing now!

I am healing now!

I am feeling better and better!

I am getting stronger and stronger!

I am so happy and grateful for all that is functioning in my body!

I am grateful for my body!

I love my body!

I am healthy, happy and whole.

These affirmations may sound silly, but let me assure you, if you focus on them and similar ones for at least 15-30 minutes a day, you will see a profound shift in how you feel.

Psychologists call this process, “cognitive- behavioral programming,” while the self-help coaches call them, “affirmations.”

You can call them whatever pleases you. Just know, if you use affirmations appropriately on a daily basis, saying and feeling them as if they are true, literally, changes the cells and organs within your body, and helps them to get well faster!

Keep up the good work!

To your good health,

Dr. Elaine

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