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As a future physician, on my journey to becoming a physician, in this critical moment, I sincerely commit to embracing my health and well-being as a priority, understanding my equally important commitment to the health and well-being of my patients, family, friends and my community.

In these ways, I venture toward my goal of becoming a dedicated and caring physician.

I will:

    • Take time every day to  preserve and enhance my own health and well-being, physical, emotional, spiritual and social a priority.
    • Recognize that my health is an ongoing and unfolding (an evolving process).  It is a journey, not an endpoint.
    • Aim to better understand the interconnections of my mind, body and spirit and how they impact my health.
    • Pay attention to my inner world, thoughts, feelings and emotions, and choose to honor them, as I strive to become happier and more positive, even in the midst of my most challenging experiences.
    • Engage my family, friends, colleagues and patients in meaningful ways.
    • Be honest with myself about who I am and remain true to the best of my ability.
    • Cherish and value my unique qualities, strengths and perspectives.
    • Discover ways to contribute that are meaningful and healthy.
    • Honor and respect my patients and treat them in a manner that I would like to be treated as a precious human being.
    •  Acknowledge and appreciate the pervasive and phenomenal potential for vibrant health and well-being that we all possess.
    • Never lose sight of my inspiring dream and desire to become a physician and enjoy a meaningful career.


Day 2: The Shocking Truth About Med School and YOUR Health

Listen NOW…

The truth is according to JAMA and other medical journals have determined time and time again that it is damaging to your health and well-being.  For over 50 years study after study has clearly demonstrated the rigors, challenges and conditions are a hotbed for creating severe distress, anxiety, depression, burnout, and other responses that set the foundation for a challenging career, including substance abuse.
The first thing is to become aware of the statistics and that you have resources, this program, our website, www.WholeMEDStudent.com and your school may have wellness resources available as well.
We’re going to fill in the blanks and give you more—a full spectrum, comprehensive understanding of what’s available to you.
To your good health,
Dr. Elaine and Dr James
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