Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.: My school has a student wellness program. How is the Whole MED Student App different?

A.:Our Whole MED Student App is is a unique, comprehensive gateway  that provides you with our vast array of mission driven services and resources. In addition to our free app and website we offer a comprehensive, inclusive, standalone program that supplements and supports current medical school wellnessprograms, webinars, toolkits,  health coaching, career development, mentoring and much more. Our mission to to help you survive and thrive. .

Q.: What is your definition of  wellness?

A.: Your well-being is essential to your future role as a physician. We created this platform to provide you with the inspiration, information, and resources to assist you in promoting your health and well-being during and throughout your training and into your professional career as a physician. Well-being can be thought of as achieving wellness in various facets of life—

  • Emotional: Establishing and maintaining a sense of satisfaction and the capacity to experience and manage the wide range of human emotions.
  • Intellectual: Engaging in the process of lifelong learning, including the acquisition and utilization of knowledge and skills.
  • Physical: Taking responsibility of personal health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Professional: Choosing and participating in a career that proves to be meaningful and rewarding.
  • Spiritual: Finding meaning and purpose in life.
  • Social/Community: Creating and sustaining healthy relationships, environments, and societal welfare.

Q.: What is your goal?

A.: Our primary goal is to help you improve your health and well-being in order to better meet the challenges and demands of your medical school education, residency, and eventual professional career. The following principles guide our efforts:

  • Encourage self-careresiliency, wellness, and the pursuit of your passions.
  • Engage all students in the promotion of a sense of belonging within the community.
  • Inspire you  to develop your professional identity and find meaning in your medical school experiences.
  • Enable you to succeed as a lifelong healer.
  • Embrace the value of your self development and personal growth throughout your life’s journey.

Q.: How much time do I need to devote to this program to be successful?

A.:Whole MED Student’s ‘s resources are provided in short snippets and podcasts of information  usually 3-5 minutes, occassionally a little longer,  which can fit into almost any busy schedule. We encourage you to devote two 15 minute periods (or 3 ten minute) per day to your health and well-being.  Most students find they can fit these into their schedule. We’d love to hear your feedback, after using our resources, so that we can enhance your experience or provide additional services.

Q: What can I expect?

A: You can expect to be inspired  and supported to make the best decisions for your health.

Q: I’m already very proactive with my health and already know a lot about holistic health.  I exercise, meditate, practice yoga and eat a healthy diet.  How can the Whole MED Student app help me?

A: You’re off to a great start and that’s really good news!  We’re excited that you have a solid foundation.  Whole MED Student App will help you to build upon what you already know, and it is designed specifically to meet your unique need, challenges and time constraints that medical students must overcome.

We also share the latest up to date research in the vast field of holistic health and medicine.  Learning never ends, that’s what we’ve discovered.  There’s always something new to explore and apply to our lives, and we’re excited to provide this platform to help you grow in you understanding of how amazing your body really is and realizing your potential for vibrant health and well-being!

Q: Can my spouse and/or partner participate?

A.: Yes, they can through our forum for spouses and partners. (Coming Soon)


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