Med School Success Basics Overview

“Health care students can be taught from the beginning of their careers that they have as much responsibility for their own sanity and physical well-being as they do for those qualities in the lives of their patients.”
– Donald A. Block, MD

Med School Sucess Basics is a brief overview and introduction to Whole MED Student’s guiding  principles.

We encourage you to spend a few minutes every day 15-30 minutes focusing on your health and well-being.  It can make a significant difference.

Our primary resources included in this App our our Daily Power Up Your Health Tips (which includes a podcast) and our 7 Day Accelerate Your Health Challenge.

We sincerely hope you’ll take advantage of these seemingly simple but powerful tools. They are designed to help empower you to take charge of your health and well-being.  While they may seem simple, they are equally potent-if you use them.  The most important thing we can help you to do is to create a perspective that will support you during your trials and tribulations. It’s no easy task, but it is possible.

And this is your first step to what we hope will be a rewarding career and a healthy life.

In this section we’re going to explore in this important section, the concerning data regarding med student health globally how to improve your chances of successfully survive medical school with your health, both physicial and emotional intact.  Our tools, information and other resources are designed to help protect you from the health impairing challenges that’s damaging the lives of a significant number of medical students around the globe.

As you may already know, medical school is no easy task.  It is demanding and unrelenting.  While we support a major overhaul of the culture and  manner in which students are trained, we realistically acknowledge that transformation is not going to happen overnite.

Our passionate and unyielding mission is to help you to the best of our ability to get thru as unscathed as possible.  Your health is our future.

This section contains and introduction to the useful information, tools, techniques and resources that can make a difference in your ability to navigate through the challenges, with less stress, anxiety, exhaustion.

While you were well prepared academically, you were not properly advised emotionally and physically as to how to effectively and efficiently meet the obstacles before you.

We know your health is as important as that of your patients.

And that you are not alone.  Far too many students are suffering in deep isolation and silence.  We’re here to make a difference in your life and your classmates.  So let’s begin by taking a look at medical school’s unique challenges.


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