Med School Success Basics: Pillars of Optimal Health

The physician needs a clear head and a kind heart; his work is arduous and complex, requiring the exercise of the very highest faculties of the mind, while constantly appealing to the emotions and higher feelings.”
– – Sir William Osler

Welcome to the mystery and magnificence of your own body. In this program, you’ll learn about research breakthroughs from different scientific fields that you can utilize to enjoy optimal health and well-being. We created this app and our entire platform first and foremost to provide you with the vital health-promoting information, tools, and techniques you need to unleash the remarkable, inborn healing capacity that resides within you.

Meet Your Amazing Body

The truth is you have an amazing body.  One that has an immeasureable capacity for health and well-being, that is lost beneath the dissections, memorization of complex biochemical formulas, cascade of hormones, gene activation and everything else you have and will learn.

I’d like to introduce you to your amazing body. Volumes of encyclopedias couldn’t describe the many wondrous activities that are going on within you right now as you are reading my words on this page. When you mentally scan your body, you are unaware of the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place or the creation and repair of your cells and organs. Nor are you aware of the vigilant protection your immune system is providing you. At this very moment, it is destroying all the invading organisms and foreign particles that could potentially cause you significant harm, while keeping an eye out for any changes in your cells that might indicate the presence of cancer. Fortunately, you don’t need to be aware; everything I’ve just described is happening automatically.

We take our bodies for granted in many ways. We expect them to do what we want when we want: to walk, touch, digest, move, think, and creatively express our thoughts. We don’t sit around wondering why or how the body can do these things. But maybe it’s time we should.

For many, medical school is the first true taste of independent living and the greater demands of the medical profession; as such, how students react and the habits they develop in these four years is especially formative.

Our goal is to encourage self-care, self-enhancement, resilency and wellness that will enable you to succeed in your career as an healthy, empowered physician an example to your patients, colleagues, family and friends of attaining the health that reamins an unrealized potential for many.


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