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Dear Med Student,

Welcome to our Power Up Your Health ™ Program!

We’re very excited you took a few minutes from your busy schedule to consider your/this opportunity to elevate your health and well-being.

It is the critical ingredient that will have a tremendous impact on your medical education, residency, and career.

This free program was designed to help you to take charge your health and well-being during this academic year with the inspiration, information, tools, and techniques that can and will have a significant impact in your ability to maneuver through the significant and difficult challenges you’re facing.

Every day for the next 30-days you’ll receive daily messages, words of inspiration, tools, tips, and techniques based on the latest research. These tools are designed by doctors and medical students for doctors and medical students- customized to medical school life!

Our approach is an expansive leap step beyond contemporary wellness for medical.  It is all-encompassing, including all of you, and one that recognizes your great capacity for health and well-being, even in med school!

Please make a decision now to take better care of yourself.  Your health and well-being, physical, mental and spiritual are critical to your success and future career.

We ask you to make a decision and commitment to devoting 5-10 minutes a day to YOU.

Our program, focusing on daily messages to accommodate your busy schedule,  can and will make a huge difference In your life!

Med school is intentionally difficult; the long hours, information overload, unrealistic expectations, exposure to sick patients, intimidating professors, residents, and even classmates. We’re here to help you better manage all of that.

YOUR good health is possible! It is your birthright. We’re here to help you get on and stay on the path of optimal health. It isn’t always easy, but you can do it.

The grim and dismal realities of med school, residency, and physician careers make finding a way to survive the toxic quagmire critically important.

It will give you a concentrated/focused launch as you begin your journey to better, dare we say optimal health… even in med school!

Every day we will send to you a new message via email

If you have any questions, please email us at

Power Up Your Health™ and experience the difference!

You deserve every opportunity to succeed and our mission is to share the very best resources available to help you become the physician you’ve envisioned yourself to be.

Enjoy and let your radiant well-being begin!

Your health is our future.

To your good health,

Elaine R. Ferguson, MD “Dr. Elaine” and  Dr James O’Donovan

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