Day 22: Finding Peace Within the Storm

Listen NOW…

We hope you’re having a great day and enjoying our PowerUp Your Health Program!  We’re very excited that you’ve decided to take a few minutes from your very busy schedule to focus on your health and well-being.  A few minutes can yield great benefits, especially when it comes to strengthening your ability to withstand and overcome the challenges you’re facing.

We’re touching bases to see if you have any questions and/or comments about your experience thus far.

And we’d love to learn what your favorite part of the program is and if there’s any topics you’d like for us to share next week.
Would you please take a few minute from your busy schedule and drop us a line at
Power Up Your Health is YOUR program, and we want to make it as helpful as we can for you. We truly appreciate your thoughts and ideas that will make it even better for you and fellow students!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
To your good health,
Dr. Elaine and James
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