Day 13: Overcoming Exhaustion A Supplement that Can Make a Difference

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Adaptogenic herbs can have a tremendous impact on your body’s ability to successfully manage stress.  Today we’re sharing with you an especially potent herb, that’s proven to improve physical and cognitive endurance!
Also, eating healthy foods can help preserve your energy-eliminate junk food now and fast foods are also very important!
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6 Profoundly Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress

It seems like today we are more stressed than ever, without any relief in sight.  Throughout history, our ancestors around the globe, recognized the connection between stress, emotions, attitudes, physical health and long term well-being.

The presence of unmanaged emotional stress increases the risk of developing heart disease and cancer six times in comparison to standard risk facts including obesity, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, and hypertension.  But the good news is-it is far more responsive to intervention.

Also, according to a government report and the American Stress Institute-it’s also the cause of 90-95% of all doctor’s office visits.

Haven’t you seen people do all of the right things and still get sick? They exercised, ate the right food, and you wondered what happened to them? Clearly something else was going on.  They probably ignored their emotions which wreaked havoc on their health.  Then they went to their doctors to get treatment for their symptoms.

A study found that men who complain of high anxiety are up to six times more likely to suffer sudden death than calmer men.  While a twenty year study at the Harvard School of Public health involving over 1700 men conducted at the found that worry about social conditions, health and personal finances all significantly increased the risk of heart disease.

Did you know that more heart attacks occur on Monday morning?  They do  because of the extremely stressful emotional changes caused by not wanting to go to work on the dreaded Monday morning, after a weekend off!

Whatever you feel is REAL to your cells, even if you know it isn’t true.  Every thought, feeling and emotion you experience triggers the release of matching chemicals that affect all of your cells. It’s normal to have emotional ups and downs, that’s part of being human.  However, it’s your ongoing emotional trend that affects your health.  So if you’re trending with ongoing stress and anxiety—you’re trending in the direction of dis-ease.

The most important question I learned to ask my patients is, “What’s making you sick?” Everyone knew. Over 95% identified an extremely difficult, stressful emotional situation, usually involving a family member as the cause. Even though they knew the cause, they didn’t know what to do about it.  It’s not our jobs, or our relationships, or the news that’s making us sick.  It’s how we respond to them.  We always have a choice. We can choose a healthier response.

The rest of my patients identified chronic stress as the problem, and didn’t understand how it was now causing the disease, since it had been going on for so long.  I reminded them that it takes years of cigarette smoking, to cause cancer, and it doesn’t happen after smoking one pack.  The same is true of stress. It can take years to create a disease.

So we must interrupt the stress response. Here’s a few effective ways to immediately interrupt the stress response.

  1. Take Theanine. This is my favorite recommendation.  Theanine is a powerful stress interrupter.  It is the best nutrient interrupter I have ever found! It is an amino acid extract from green tea, and biochemically stops the stress response, without any side effects.
  2. Taking B complex- or adaptogenic herbs-Rhodiola, Ginseng, Ashwaganda,
  3. Stress is also linked to magnesium deficiency
  4. Or you can close your eyes and focus on a very pleasant memory for a few minutes.
  5. Another way is to laugh. Laughter is one of the easiest ways to interrupt the flow of toxins. Call a friends, and ask them to tell you a joke or you can watch a comedy. Watch a funny movie.
  6. What always work is deep breathing.

How to Breathe Properly:

Place one hand over the middle of your abdomen and the other hand in the middle of your chest. Now breathe regularly.

Which hand moved?

If the hand on your abdomen moves, you’re breathing properly.  If the hand on your chest moves, your breathing is a little shallow.  If both move, you need to focus more on breathing from your abdomen.

Most breathe primarily with our chest muscles, which sends a survival mode signal to your brain that something’s wrong.  The healthy way, involves the diaphragm. Your abdomen drops when you inhale and pulls in when you exhale.  Practice this for a few days and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel.

You will feel better. You’re detoxifying through breathing and you will feel better.

These profoundly simple tools s will help you to go from feeling overwhelmed and anxious to feeling empowered balanced and competent.


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