Med School Success Basics Welcome!

Med School Success Basics

Welcome to Med School Success Basics!

This portion of your Whole MED Student App is designed to help you jumpstart your health and well-being with a capsulized view of the foundation of optimal health and radiant well-being.

While it may sound like a big order, considering the challenges you’re facing, we know you have the capacity to rise above the challenges, protect and enhance your health and well-being,  in effective, proven ways you may not have imagined possible for you.

The most important thing we want you to know is that you possess an amazing body, a magnificent mind and an indomitable spirit, that will serve you and help you succeed, if you give these three aspects of your being what’s needed to function optimally, meaning with ease, efficiency and coherence (more about that later).

Right now, we want you to take a few minutes to set your intentions to take good care of your health and well-being.  You may be thinking you already know what to do, and that’s a great frame of mind.  We’re here to help you strengthen and enhance it.

This app is created specifically for medical students by a group of caring med students and physicians that want you to have a healthier and happier experience during your education, training and career.

We share a lot of breakthrough, leading-edge research that most medical schools do not teach. Yet, some of this information may not be new to you.  That’s great!  Consider it refresher and an opportunity to gain a different perspective and greater insight.

.The very first thing is that we ask you to make a decision to take care of yourself, and to commit to doing whatever it takes.  Your health is precious, and you have a unique contribution to make to this world.

We trust our efforts will help you to succeed and to become the physician you’ve dreamed of being.



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