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As a future physician, on my journey to becoming a physician, in this critical moment, I sincerely commit to embracing my health and well-being as a priority, understanding my equally important commitment to the health and well-being of my patients, family, friends and my community.

In these ways, I venture toward my goal of becoming a dedicated and caring physician.

I will:

    • Take time every day to  preserve and enhance my own health and well-being, physical, emotional, spiritual and social a priority.
    • Recognize that my health is an ongoing and unfolding (an evolving process).  It is a journey, not an endpoint.
    • Aim to better understand the interconnections of my mind, body and spirit and how they impact my health.
    • Pay attention to my inner world, thoughts, feelings and emotions, and choose to honor them, as I strive to become happier and more positive, even in the midst of my most challenging experiences.
    • Engage my family, friends, colleagues and patients in meaningful ways.
    • Be honest with myself about who I am and remain true to the best of my ability.
    • Cherish and value my unique qualities, strengths and perspectives.
    • Discover ways to contribute that are meaningful and healthy.
    • Honor and respect my patients and treat them in a manner that I would like to be treated as a precious human being.
    •  Acknowledge and appreciate the pervasive and phenomenal potential for vibrant health and well-being that we all possess.
    • Never lose sight of my inspiring dream and desire to become a physician and enjoy a meaningful career.


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